About Us

DPC Water Solutions specializes in dissolved gas removal systems using gas transfer membrane contactor technology. We have extensive experience and unparalleled expertise in applying solutions to our customers degasification challenges. We apply a 6-step process:

  • Application Evaluation
  • System Design
  • Engineering Support
  • Fabrication
  • On–site Commissioning
  • Full Customer Support

Depending on customer requirements all six or some combination of steps may be utilized. Regardless full customer support is always included.

DPC’s catalog of degasification systems handles process flow rates of 50 ml/min to over 1500 gpm and include applications such as:

  • Boiler feedwater DO removal for corrosion control and reduced chemical usage
  • CO2 removal (decarbonation) from makeup water systems to improve IX/EDI
  • performance
  • DO removal for corrosion control in long piping systems and to reduce Iron
  • contamination in the water
  • Laboratory debubbling units and custom designed pilot systems
  • Micro Electronics DO removal for improved manufacturing processes in wafer
  • production
  • Liquid-Liquid extraction systems
  • Beverage DO removal and CO2/Nitrogen addition
  • Beverage (bottled water) DO removal plus H2 addition
  • Combined de-alkalization/de

DPC’s modular system design reduces engineering costs, production time, and enables very large scale applications. This design offers portability, expandability and flexibility unique in the application of gas transfer membrane technology.

Our DPC "Valueline" Degas Systems provide dissolved gas removal using trouble-free, state-of-the-art gas transfer membrane contactor technology at affordable prices.

From simple entrained gas (bubble) removal using our Benchtop Debubbler Units designed for laboratory use to permanent large scale (1000’s of gpm) systems for Dissolved Oxygen Removal for corrosion control, DPC utilizes 3M™’s Liqui-Cel™ Gas Transfer Membranes to in achieving gas removal performance to trace levels without chemicals and with minimal operating expense.