CO2 Removal

1) CO2 Removal in an Ion Exchange (IX)

Carbon Dioxide is a substantial load on Anionic resin in Mixed Bed IX and Anion IX:

  • Removing CO2 reduces the load on the Anionic resin, increasing water production between regeneration cycles. Through-put performance between regenerations as high as 8.5x has been achieved.
  • Reduce Anion IX requirement in new installations by incorporating a DPC Gas Transfer Membrane based CO2 removal system in the water treatment process.

2) CO2 Removal in a DI Water System

3) CO2 Removal in EDI System

EDI technology requires < 5 ppm CO2 in the feed water. CO2 removal before EDI can result in:

  • Better resistivity at outlet.
  • Improved Silica and Boron removal.

3M™ Liqui-Cel™ CO2 removal systems mounted directly on top of Reverse Osmosis Units.