System Design

DPC's Unique GTM Module provides the lowest possible cost for removal of both Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) per gallon source water.

DPC GTM  Module Features:

  • Modules mounted on all welded steel frames can be moved by built-in swivel leveling casters, forklift, and pallet jack.
  • Standardized interconnecting piping to join (2 or more) modules.
  • Each membrane contactor can be used for the removal of Dissolved Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide.  Modules use the 3M G698 – 14X40” gas transfer membrane contactors.
  • Chemical free.
  • Control panel components: PLC, PLC HMI, motor starter, thru-door power disconnect, and mounting of customer’s oxygen analyzer. 
  • Pressure drop per GTM module is < 15 psi at 250 gpm.
  • Allen-Bradley PLC to integrate DPC’s system with customer’s plant DCS. 
  • NEMA 4/4X fiberglass control panel enclosure.
  • Each GTM module includes water supply inlet & outlet pressure transmitters, vacuum transmitter and water temperature transmitter.

LEFT: DPC's New Gas Transfer GTM Module; RIGHT: DPC's Vacuum Pump/Control Panel Module

DPC GTM Module Benefits:

  • Designed for easy capacity expansion
  • Compact design
  • One system for multiple gas removal applications
  • Portability between job sites or within the plant 
  • Lowest operating cost per gallon of water processed
  • Zero chemical requirements 
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Simplicity of operation and maintenance 
  • Rapid ROI 
  • Lease options available