Degasification Pilot Units

Pilot systems facilitate the ability to test on a small scale the viability and optimal design for full scale systems 

  • Project Validation 
  • Provides Process Specific Empirical Data 

DPC degassing pilot units offer a cost effective, compact, proven means of determining feasibility of a new process or technology. A successful completion of your pilot study, using one of DPC’s degas pilot units, ensures that on optimal solution to meeting your application requirements as well as to determine if the process water is compatible with membrane contactors or if pre-treatment is necessary. 

Benefits of a DPC manufactured degasification pilot unit: 

  • Low cost, high value 
  • Wide range of sizes available 
  • Benchtop 
  • Free Standing 
  • Full Size Skidded Pilots 
  • Back by extensive experience and degassing expertise 
  • Custom design capabilities for unique applications 

DPC now offers a STANDARD BENCHTOP DEGAS PILOT UNIT using a single 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ 2.5X8” membrane contactor with a diaphragm operated vacuum pump. The selection of this contactor is perfect for using collected performance data to model large Gas Transfer Membrane (GTM) systems. 

This unit can be utilized for dissolved oxygen removal and carbon dioxide removal applications. This unique product can meet low level gas concentration outlet requirements and makes an excellent tool for successful degassing pilot studies. 

Portable, easily operated, durable construction in one package at an affordable price – a base model price $5200. 

Practical Uses: 

  • Research Laboratories
  • College Studies
  • Trade Show and On-site Demonstrations

Additional Applications: 

  • Trace level dissolved oxygen < 10 ppb
  • Gas diffusion and injection
  • Dissolved gas control

DO Removal Benchtop Pilot Unit

DO Removal Benchtop Pilot Unit

DO Removal Benchtop Pilot Unit