DPC offers quality, flexible and affordable GTM Systems with quick, in-stock turnaround to you.

Take advantage of our very short lead times on complete contactor skids inventory.

  • 14”x28” Liqui-Cel™ Gas Transfer Membrane contactors in stock! 
    • Standard single 14" x 28” contactor skids starting as low as $25,000 and double contactor skids (pictured) starting at $40,000
    • Degas skids can be configured for optimal Dissolved Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide removal
    • Skids come standard with 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Gas Transfer Membranes and AirTech liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • 14"x40” contactors are due in soon.
    • Perfect for Dissolved Oxygen removal in high-flow applications


  • 14X28 Membrane Contactors, X40 Fibers
  • Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump



  • Nitrogen Sweep Flow:
    • 99.95% Purity
    • 0.5 scfm (1X1)
    • 1.0 scfm (1X2)
  • Vacuum Pump Seal Water Flow:
    • 1.0 GPM (1X1)
    • 1.5 GPM (1X2)

Assumed Operating Conditions:

  • Saturated Water 25°C/77°F Water Temperature
  • 8245 ppb Water inlet DO Concentration


  • High Efficiency
    • Reliable and predictable performance
    • Responsive to changing operating conditions (flow/temperature)
  • Small Footprint
    • Large membrane surface area allows for smaller degasification systems
    • Custom-engineered systems designed to fit into available area
    • Standard/modular designs allow for reduced cost and easy expansion
  • Low Operating Cost
  • No chemicals required for operation. Operating costs include minimal electrical power and compressed air or nitrogen consumption (NOTE: Air and water filter usage specific to operating and environmental conditions)
  • Low maintenance cost. 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ contactors have a long lifetime expectancy when installed correctly. Rotating equipment is limited to a vacuum pump or blower (CO2/H2S removal only)